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Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Look Now Optimus....

Every child of the 80s desperately wanted their own Transformer to come to life. I personally loved Optimus. The fight between good and evil..cool cars transforming into even cooler robots...robots that LOVED us? ...Yeah, transformers were COOL.

And now, a new generation of Transformer loving kids abound, thanks in part to the enthusiasm 1980s-geeks have had in transforming our big, bad, aluminium part kicking pals to the big screen. My own daughter fell in a BIG way for Bumblebee.

Last July, in fact, she was running around playing with her very own imaginary friend--Bumblebee. This is when I stepped in and found a plush Bumblebee for her to sleep with...a retro Bumblebee if you will. Old-school. He turns inside out to make a car and then changes into bumper-kicking alien Bumblebee. Reagan loves him.

He did fall by the wayside for a few months a while back, but Bumblebee is back in full force..in a brand new way. This time, Reagan is the one in charge---and Bumblebee, poor, poor Bumblebee---gets to be her baby. Sorry, Michael Bay. Even you can't top this one!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I am cracking up at what your daughter did to Bumblebee LOL

    My boys love Transformers (more than meets the eye!)


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