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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today Reagan had several friends over to play. One of them happened to be a little boy, I'll call "J". J is a little boy that she had a crush on when she was 18 months old (he is a little over a year and half older than she is.) She would follow him around and do everything he was doing. They haven't spent much time together in the past two years--J has been attending preschool and then Kindergarten this year so Reagan spent more time playing with his younger sister.

But today they were all together. And J drew her a picture and hung it up in her bedroom. A picture of Reagan and J together. A picture that included a "R" at the top...a heart....and then a "J".

I happened to notice the heart while Josh and Reagan where playing camping tonight. I brought it out to show him and ask Reagan about it.

Mommy: Reagan, is this the picture J made for you?
Reagan: (shyly, ducking her head) Yes.
Mommy: Is that you and J in the picture?
Reagan: Yes.
Mommy: Is that a heart between the R and J?
Reagan: (again, shy, nodding)

Daddy is sitting stone-faced through all of this and says "You need to watch that boy." I walked out of the room to hang the picture back up and heard Josh saying to Reagan "Remember, Reagan, no boys til after college." She shook her head emphatically NO and said "Oh, Daddy, you're so crazy!"



  1. Tim told the girls kissing boys is gross. Ash was all, "No. It's wonnnnderfuuuul." HAHAHA


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