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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catching up!

This week has been amazing--the weather is absolutely perfect (much better than the extremely hot high humidity we had been having!) Reagan and I have been out of doors most of the time--going to the park, having kite flying play dates with friends, working in the backyard--you name it! We even both splashed in the Elmo splash pad this morning!

We also had a chance to go to Walmart yesterday (yes, I gave up Walmart for a time to cut down on our expenses...and now I only go on average about once a month when we really need something and I do NOT want to drive 30 minutes to Target--this arrangement has been working really well for the whole family!) Specifically we were looking for a new kite for Reagan and clearance flowers for the backyard...and we found tons! They had lots of ground cover and a good bit of flowers on clearance for .50 to $1. If my mother in law is reading this, they have Joseph's Coat on clearance for $1 per container!!!

Today Reagan and I spent the morning figuring out where everything needs to go. Unfortunately it's going to require a second trip to Walmart because I ran out of potting soil (argh!!!)

Reagan and I also found flowers on our cucumber plants, little tiny flowers (GORGEOUS deep bluish-purple) on our green bean (or maybe they were peas??) plants and beginning buds on our zucchini plants...we should have a nice crop..IF the zucchinis don't take over EVERYTHING in sight! (They're already almost as tall as Reagan and about 4 times as wide as she is!)

On other notes, Reagan got to "climb" a tree yesterday--mostly I pushed her up on the branch. She LOVED sitting up there, enjoying the breeze and exploring the bugs, birds and leaves all around here. That's what being a kid is truly about :)

I think that's it for today...will post pictures tomorrow!!!

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