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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toys For Sick Days

Do you keep a stash? No, not that thing that grows on your upper lip (if you're a man, baby!) More as in, a stash of toys. I do. I keep an upper closet filled with games, stickers, books and toys that I've picked up on clearance or that grandparents have sent Reagan or that I've gotten through some free program (a few days ago I even received a car from Trio!!)

These are PERFECT for those days when your little one is sick and feeling like the whole world is crashing down around them. I pull out one every once in a while and it really brightens Reagan's day...even if the toy only provides an hour of entertainment, I consider it well worth the cost.

Right now in my stash, I have a few books, the Trio car, some stickers, some plastic trinket style rings, some lip gloss, a few nice wooden toys for her kitchen (that might end up under the Christmas tree) and enough material to make her a twirly dress.

As the year continues to wear on, I know I'll be pulling items out and replenishing as necessary. I try to stock up on trinkets after every holiday and when a big box of goodies arrives from my mom, I always hold a few things back. I'm telling you moms, this is a GOOD practice! If you don't have a stash...stock up now! After Halloween sales are perfect to pick up cheap goodies!

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  1. Hi. Lurker from FF (But I never, never post at FF. In my 7 years as a member, I have under 100 posts.). And I've been following this blog for a year or so, and left a few comments.
    So, I'm not a psycho weirdo. :-)

    But I read something you posted at FF about Halloween and wanted to say something about it.
    We do not do Halloween. My kids are 8,6, and 3 1/2. We made the choice when our oldest was a baby. I (and I do mean we, as in my husband and I) do not think it's a good habit to get into. It does lead somewhere I do not approve of. It seems harmless enough, dress up, get candy. But the implications are so much more than that.
    Anyway, I could go on and on about that.
    We have chosen to ignore it on the calendar. We personally have chosen to not even do fall festival type things at church. We do not read halloween themed books or watch shows. The only one that slipped past has been Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin (or whatever the title is). Other than that, nothing. The kids do have dress up clothes. They play dress-up all the time. I try to buy costumes after halloween for dress-up. But we don't go out the weekend of halloween.
    We talk with the kids and tell them why we do not participate, in an age-appropriate manner.
    I just don't see that we are depriving the kids of anything by letting this pass by. We still have fun doing other things. It's not about a day on the calendar. Fun is fun, whenever you choose to do it. So, we dress-up all year round. And have candy now and again. And the kids don't feel as if they are missing out on anything.

    We also have chosen not to do Santa. For us, Christmas is about Jesus' birth. We do decorate and have a tree. But santa is not a part of any of it. The kids accept that it's just a story that some people believe and we move on. And Christmas is still a wonderful, joyful, special time for us.

    Now that I've babbled on and on, if there is something I didn't touch on, I'd be glad to answer anything. I just didn't want to get into it on FF.


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