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Thursday, October 16, 2008


SOOO sweet!

Reagan and I still bathe together. I take my shower while she takes her bath; and sometimes at the end I pick her up and hold her under the warm spray. Well, last night she hardly slept at all because her cold has progressed to her chest AND she was up for the day at 5. So during the end of the shower, I noticed her hands had gone limp, sure enough..she was asleep! I woke her up a few times getting her down in my bed and getting a diaper on her, but she's there now..fast asleep! I guess the warmth was just perfect!

Also, Reagan has been 'reading' to me from her books for a while now, but lately she's started telling me her own stories about different things. I'll show her a picture I'm looking at in a magazine and she'll just go with it. Like a couple of days ago, I showed her a penguin..

r: paingin
m: yep, that's a penguin
r: paingin silly
m: is he a silly penguin?
r: paingin bath
m: he's taking a bath?
r: ewww!
m: eww? he's stinky?
r: paingin stinky..paingin bath.

So stinkin' smart!

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