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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Word puzzle....

Did you know that the average 2 year old toddler SPEAKS between 50-200 words and can put together a few 3 word sentences?

Well, I decided to actually start writing all of Reagan's words down last Saturday...I eventually gave up. She can say practically any word that I say and she uses sentences fluently and correctly...although she doesn't quite understand past tense yet. For example, she'll say "Mommy, it break", when a toy has gotten broken, instead of "Mommy, it broke."

Either way, she's obviously well ahead for her age group and I'm so proud of her!!!

Speaking of her intellectual skills, she's getting so amazing with pretend play. She put two blocks together today and acted like they were choochoos and at the store she was cooking and kept saying "I make! I make!" LOL!

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