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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some funny Reagan stories for you!!

As promised!!

Right after we got home from our trip, I was snuggling with Reagan in bed...I had gotten hot and pulled off my top, which left just my (very modest) bra on my chest. Reagan woke up, patted my chest and said "what's that?" I explained it was my chest and she then patted her chest and said "MY chest." She then turned to me and patted my chest again and said "BIG chest"...Bless her heart!! Not many people would say that! ;)

Reagan has never had nuts or coffee, yet when anyone pulls one of those items out she screams "COFFEE NUMMMEEE!" or "NUTS NUMMMEEE!"

Reagan was wearing her beautiful party dress for Church on Sunday morning while we were visiting our family. When we got home, she started twirling around and said "I a pincess! I pretty!" She then picked up the front of her dress, started scrubbing her nose and proclaimed "I cean nose!"

I found Reagan scratching the carpet one day saying "I diggin, I diggin!" I asked her what she was digging for and she looked up and said "For flowers!"

She is finally starting to recognize that she isn't just "BABY" anymore..when you ask her who is in a picture she'll say "MEEEEEE!"

More to come later....even funnier might I add ;)

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