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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wow! What a week!

Did you like that alliteration? ;)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and stuffed themselves with way too much turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving was actually fairly easy for me to prepare this year thanks to two people: my mom for spending four hours chopping all the vegetables and fruit, and Josh's mom, for preparing the ham! We made a ton of food, including: roast sweet potatoes, onions and herbs; ham; cornbread dressing; relish tray; deviled eggs (Josh's speciality, Reagan calls them "doubled eggs!"); sweet potato souffle; orange fluff salad; broccoli cauliflower salad; green beans; squash and yummy yeast rolls--all followed by NSA apple pie and pumpkin loaf! Nummmeeee, as Reagan says! And I haven't had to cook since (the best part!!!)!

We also made a trip to K-Mart after stuffing ourselves to pick up some Christmas items. Save yourself the trip, people...the toys are waaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced! But I did find some cute fleece items for Reagan to play in next year! Friday I spent most of the day at work but did enjoy a little early morning Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart, where I discovered everything I was looking for (Thomas the Train, anyone?) was already sold out! No, I didn't even attempt to go to TRU! The rest of the weekend has passed in a blurred haze of eating leftovers, shopping, decorating and wrapping Christmas presents!

Whew! I'm exhausted just typing it all out! Luckily, I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping and after that, I have to mail out several packages and done! YAH! In the meantime, we have some fun activities planned--Christmas at the zoo; visiting a couple of train exhibits; meeting Santa and his reindeer; having breakfast with Santa; Reagan's birthday party; etc, etc, etc. Wish us luck that we get through all the 'fun' without getting too run down!

By the way, are some new Reagan stories/updates for you to enjoy!

****Reagan was reunited with her favorite snowman this week when we decided to start Christmas decorating! Last year she was in absolute love with him (as he was about her size!) and spent most of the holidays dragging him around by his buttons! This year started off with much of the same!

****Reagan is obsessed with shopping! She talks about it constantly and wants to go! go! go! However, she quickly gets bored with it and shouts "ME HOME!" when she's had enough!

****All the grandparents have now become either "Pawpaw" or "Ganny" since visiting my Granny and Pawpaw! It's adorable and whenever Reagan sees an older man in the store with graying hair, balding or with glasses, she yells "PAWPAW!" I have to remind her that we'll see Pawpaw(s) again in a few months....and the older men usually walk away with a smile (they must have grandchildren too!)

****Reagan has loved to play peekaboo since, well, forever. In the last few months, she'll cover her face with her hands and say "Baby sad." At first I was really concerned when she did it, however, if you ask her why baby is sad, she'll get a big grin on her face and lift her hands up and say "BOO!" and laugh! It's one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Sometimes when you ask her why she's sad, she'll just smile and say "I happy!" The other night we were laying in bed and I played peekaboo with her and said I was happy. She sighed, smiled, snuggled down in the bed and said "I happy too" and went to sleep. My heart is a permanent puddle of mush I think!

****I think we all know Reagan is obsessed with Pooh. And if you've ever watched "My Friends Tigger and Pooh", you know the expression "think, think, think"! The other day Reagan was wandering around looking for her purple (read: red) cup and kept saying "Puple cup? Puple cup? Where did puple cup go?" Finally she stopped, and tapped her finger against her temple and said "tink, tink, tink". My eyes nearly bugged out of my head! Kids! I love the things they come up with!

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