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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More.......you guessed it! Reaganisms!

Background: Reagan has a YEAST rash (very common for baby boys and girls) and I have a cold, so when I say 'yeast' to her..apparently it doesn't sound like 'yeast' exactly.....

So we were out at Joann's on Monday (it's a craft store) and Reagan was looking at some home decor. They had the cutest little whitewashed geese on one of the shelves. She turned around and said 'look, mommy! geese! just like on my woohoo!' !!!!!!!!

Later on in the store, we were looking for some outdoor fabric and I was looking for a certain shade of solid green. We found some and I said 'oh Reagan, I think this is exactly what we're looking for, let's see how much it is' I turned the piece over to see it was $54.99/yard. I shuddered, dropped it and said 'um, no, definitely too expensive for us!' Reagan said 'awww, mommy, don't be afraid. I not afraid of the dark. You don't be afraid either' LOL!!!!!!!!

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  1. Too funny! And $54.99 for a YARD of fabric?! Really??

    Boo has trouble with yeast rashes, too. I was telling my friend today that if he's in disposable diapers for more than 24 hours we're pretty much guaranteed to be pulling out the nystatin cream.


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