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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pizza Night

About two months ago, Kroger was having a great deal on frozen pizzas...and I had a ton of coupons, so I stocked the freezer. It just so happened that about that time, I started going into the office on Friday nights, so I could have the whole weekend with Josh and Reagan.

Naturally, frozen pizza sounded good to Daddy and Reagan and it was super easy for me not to have to cook for them..so I'd tell Josh, just grab a pizza out of the freezer for dinner.

This morning, I was telling Reagan that Mommy had to go to work that evening. Normally she isn't too pleased with this and whines or cries a little. However THIS morning, she was really excited..."Pizza with Daddy! Pizza with Daddy!" And sure enough, we had run out of frozen pizzas...off to the store we went.

And tonight, Reagan and Daddy had pizza together. :) I'm so glad they have this tradition, although it makes me a little sad that I started it and don't even get to participate! Hmm...maybe Reagan and I need out own little daily tradition! Chocolate anyone???

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  1. Frozen pizza is the dinner of choice any time I will be away from home, too.


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