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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Every Conservative Needs To Know

Obama and his administration are now targeting conservative Americans and labeling them as 'right wing extremists'. Be aware that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have put together a 'threat assessment' that targets the following groups of conservatives:

--returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
--conservative Christians who believe we are living in the end-times
--those with an increased interest in guns and ammunition (um, because Obama is TRYING to take away our right to bear arms!!)
--those against illegal immigration (although it appears that they don't understand the difference between ILLEGAL immigration and immigration)
--those against expanded social programs (ie, against the government getting bigger than it already is!!)
--those against violation of second amendment rights
--those against abortion (which is labeled as a 'white supremacist' issue---gee..didn't know that being against killing innocent unborn children had ANYTHING to do with race!!)

These conservatives have been labeled as "right wing extremists" and "racist". Nice to know that our government considers our value system to be extreme and racist..when NONE of the above have anything to do with race.

To read an article regarding this threat assessment, please go to:

To read the actual unclassified file, go here:

So, I'm sure I'll be on some list for passing this along. Remember, free speech is only free speech if you're for the liberal agenda. Don't believe me? Just spend some time googling what's out there or listening to any liberal. What they say is just freedom of speech. Anything a conservative says is hatemongering.

God help this country.

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