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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taming the TV Beast...

We started a new system for watching television this week. Basically, Reagan gets 4 coupons a day. Each coupon is for 30 minutes of tv time. They sit in a bowl on a shelf on the entertainment center and when she wants to watch a television show (or movie) she gets one out and brings it to me. I use this time as my Internet time (as well as her quiet time!...I'm TRYING to cut down..I spend like 5 hours a day on the Internet..I'm very ashamed!!).

In addition, for every coupon she doesn't use, she gets a star on a wall chart. When she's collected 5 stars, we get a new book from the bookstore!

Note: I printed out 4 of the coupons (setting the print setting at 50%) and then glued all four onto a regular sheet of paper. I then laminated it so we can continue to use the same coupons over again. Every morning I just set the four coupons back out in her bowl. For the wall chart, look under Star Charts and then click on Free Star Charts. There are several to choose from. I printed out the fairy chart with 10 stars on it to fill in.

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  1. Your little Reagan is a cutie pie. :) That sounds like a very smart system. She'll have a new book before you know it!

    I know how you feel about spending time on the computer. I think my downfall is that it's right in the middle of the dining/living/kitchen area, and so easy to slide over and check things out....


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