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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I feel like blogging today...

So our furnace went out this morning (the exact same problem we had last year) and rather than pay double for an emergency repair, we decided I would cook like crazy and warm up the house. It definitely worked! I made several batches of banana bread, boiled chicken for casseroles (to come later) and made banana snack cake and banana snack cake cup-cakes. (Can you tell I got a great deal on bananas?)

I'm actually feeling well rested for once and (fingers crossed) Reagan is going to take a nap while Josh does the dishes!! YAH! Which means I get about 30 minutes to do nothing until I have to finish cleaning the kitchen, straightening the school room and some various other projects that need to be finished.

Speaking of homeschooling, I am feeling much more relaxed now than I was in September. I STILL have not got it all together but it's flowing a lot more easily than it was. Yesterday we put together a model of the solar system--with balloons. And all was fine (except for the fact that Jupiter popped twice)...until we heard a loud pop a couple of hours later. Our sun had exploded. Thank the Creator of the Universe that He made everything so perfect that it will really happen..until HE decrees that it should.

I am dealing with my own feelings of guilt however. Am I putting too much on Reagan at such an early age? Shouldn't she be playing more? Shouldn't I be playing with her (I NEVER play with her anymore..now she prefers to do it on her own...although I think I should at least play with her for 30 minutes day....have I put it into practice? No.....) And the yelling....I yell about regular life, I yell at her to put stuff up, I yell at her to go to bed....and to top it all off, some days I yell at her during homeschooling. I HATE THAT! Yelling to me is so much worse than spanking could ever be. And yet, I do it daily to my child :( Guilt. GUILT. GUILT!!!!!!!!So should I put away the things that make me yell at my child? I think I should..and I have been.

We were using a phonics/reading program that incorporated way too much writing for a Kindergartener, much less a 3.5 year old. So out it went. Our math program uses a ton of handwriting, and while the math portion itself is going well....again the handwriting is a huge problem for us. So I'm thinking about slowing down the handwriting.

And I think that's all the time I get for today..Reagan is screaming about not being able to sleep..sigh.......

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