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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My 21 month old silly girl!!

Here are some new stories and pictures for you!

Reagan: Flag! Flag!
Daddy: Yes, that's a flag! What do flags do?
Reagan: De flag!
Hmm...who knew it was a noun and a verb!?

Daddy: Football is getting ready to come on, Reagan.
Reagan (throwing hands in the air like a touchdown field goal): Foobah!!!!!!!!

Daddy: It's family movie night! Which movie should we watch?
Reagan (running at breakneck speed down the hall towards the family room): POOOOOOOH BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! (Needless to say, we are revoking her voting privileges)

Reagan was walking down the hall last night and ran smack into the wall next to her bedroom door. She quickly looked around, held her arm up and pointed to the wall and said "WALL!!!" (as though, hey, just in case you guys didn't know, there's a wall there!)

There are some other stories I was trying desperately to remember and I have, of course, forgotten them...and Josh is no help! He's engrossed in football and can't remember either!

I will say that our child is exceptionally bright and she amazes me more and more every day. She makes little songs out of her favorite things, ranging from Mommy and Daddy (and mostly Daddy!!) to Pooh Bear and books. She loves being outside and running (one of her other favorite things) and we've just discovered she absolutely loves country-styled music! Go figure! Who knew they'd have a preference at this age! And it's not something I deliberately exposed her to...it is fair week here and from our house you can hear the music on stage. Someone was doing an incredible guitar solo and Reagan tried to run towards it. I told her the music was downtown and we'd go either that night or the next with Daddy...she promptly spent the rest of the evening tried to run to 'town!' 'town!', as she pitifully proclaimed.

At any rate, I tried to recreate the music for her by rifling through Josh's music collection. It wasn't until he came home and put on a metal/southern rockish-country CD that we discovered what she truly liked! Unbelievable! I think we'll be introducing her to some Johnny Cash music this coming week!

Ah, now for the pictures! Hope you all enjoy!

Reagan in the 'pretend' choo-choo at the zoo!

Reagan riding on a real choo-choo! Her first time! This was at the zoo also!

Reagan eating an ice cream cone (at the zoo of course!) Also, she soaking wet from playing in one of the many fountains!

Here's a picture of a baby peacock we followed around..just love the little thing on his head!

This is Teddy! He's a four year old Bengal tiger and when Reagan visits him, he just sits there and stares at her! It's kind of unnerving, but I get the sense that he realizes she's just a baby and she's not afraid of him...kind of like he respects that! .....

And here is Reagan finger painting! She is convinced that every color is purple! Alas!

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