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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Reagan-isms for you!

Getting in the car to leave from a playdate:
Mommy: Are you ready?
Reagan: Ready! Ready to roll!

Reagan in the middle of watching Pooh on the couch with mommy suddenly notices that Daddy got up:
Reagan: (hands up in questioning shrug): Where'd Daddy go??
Mommy: He went to the bathroom to pee-pee.
Reagan: Otay. And gets down to follow him!

Watching Daddy cut the grass where he has to step into the road to turn the mower around. Each time he steps in the street, Reagan says "UHOH!!!"

Reagan singing while playing with her puzzles:
"Chooochooo! POOOOH BEARR! Choochooo" (She inserts Pooh Bear into EVERY SONG!)

Reagan and mommy outside playing in the rain:
Reagan: It's raneen! It's raneen!
Mommy: Ok, it's time to go inside.
Reagan: Otay, bye RAEEEN!

Reagan playing with a little doll my mom sent her. She turns the doll over and looks under the dress, sniffs and says "PEEPEE!"....this made me die with laughter..apparently I say "I smell peepee when she needs a diaper change!"

And just a million other little things. She is so incredibly smart. She talks constantly..in sentences and carries conversations with me all day long. She counts a little bit, she picks up things that you tell her and she uses it weeks later like when she told me I had gum in my mouth, or talked about the chickies...and we never really talk about chickies!

She calls anything crunchy and carby a chip and any dark drink a coke! She's just absolutely hilarious!!!!


  1. Gotta love all the fun new things they say and do at this age!

  2. Hi! First time on your blog! I stumbled upon it from the mom blog link! Love the quotes from your cutie! My kiddos continue to amaze me with the things they come up with!!!! I wish I had my video camera ready at all times!!!


  3. These are too cute...how old is she to come up with all these fun little remarks?? ;)


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