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Saturday, September 20, 2008


The last few minutes of summer are upon us and I have been so bad about blogging! Not to mention, I have been trying to reorganize and rearrange things so we have more room (did I mention we are quickly outgrowing our house and there is no way we're going to buy another right now in this particular market?!).

At any rate, we're all doing well and enjoying the cooler weather and sunny days. We've been spending quite of bit of time walking up and down the streets admiring butterflies, flowers, green grass (for the first time all summer) and the gorgeous trees that are JUST beginning to turn on the very tips.

One of Reagan's great joys in life is collecting all types of leaves for Mommy to ooooh and ahhhh over! My personal favorites are the red, but Reagan doesn't seem partial to any particular color (unless it's purple...and we dont' really have too many purple leaves around here!)

We're also getting ready to enjoy the apple harvest in this part of the country. Tomorrow we'll be heading to the Johnny Appleseed Festival and then in a few weeks, it's on to the Apple Festival...in the meantime we have farmers markets, pumpkin patches, mums, gourds, corn mazes and the like to traipse through and enjoy!

I can't wait to let her have her first cup of WARM apple cider...she's been enjoying it cold for several days now and I really can't wait til our local trip to a state park where we can run through the woods and let her collect colored leaves to her heart's content. I'm also planning on teaching her to make mini apple cobblers, which she can later eat as snacks! She's very into apples and I'm sure this is going to be a favorite activity..come to think of it..she's really into anything that involves trees lately...apples, apple trees, trees in general, leaves..so on and so forth..oh and snakes! Yes, my daughter loves snakes lately! We actually borrowed one from the library (stuffed of course!) and she is having the best time dragging him around with us all over town and hugging and hissing at him...much to the amusement of everyone that sees her!

I think that about does it for now! If anyone is interested, I have a cute butterfly craft that I'll be posting later this week that is suitable to do with toddlers, with adult supervision of course!

Hugs to all!

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