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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ugh...what have I done?

Last week we adopted a puppy. An adorable puppy. Named Jazz. He was supposed to be Reagan's third birthday present, but little did we realize how much he would disrupt our lives. Let me say: I've never owned a puppy. I've owned tons of dogs, kittens and cats, but never a TRUE PUPPY...as in JUST WEANED.

Not only does he want to be held constantly, but he cries constantly and he has peed and pooed on my floor (ARGH!!!!!!!!!)..., dug himself out of the backyard several times and chewed several things (yes, normal puppy antics) and Reagan and I are always on the go, so he has spent much of his time locked in a room by himself.

He and Reagan are so cute together...when they're both sleeping. Otherwise she pretty much ignores him or is yelling at him to stop scratching on her, chewing on her or destroying her toys. But she loves him. Whole heartedly, as though an almost three year old could love any other way.

BUT....with many tears we've decided to let someone else adopt him. He's a great puppy...just not for us at this season in our lives. We want to get pregnant again soon (as in the next few months) and because my last pregnancy was so horrific, I'm not sure that a puppy is an added stress we can handle. Josh is sure Reagan will recover...I'm not sure *I'll* recover from her tears tomorrow when she realizes Jazz is gone.

Mommy and Reagan will be spending the day doing as many fun things as possible in order to distract her. And luckily, we have many other birthday presents coming up to distract her even further. Sigh......does one ever recover from the feeling that you are completely ruining your child's life every time you do something stupid???

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  1. It cracks me up when people say "WE want to get pregnant again soon." The WE. Um, with my two, it was JUST ME. ;o)


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