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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another week gone by..

I've been so bad about blogging this past month. Normally I love it and try to blog every day, but we've been ultra-busy. As I'm sure everyone has!

Mother's Day is this weekend and we're looking forward to planting flowers and digging up and planting a vegetable garden. I can't wait til I can run outside and grab a few juicy tomatoes and some lettuce to make a salad for dinner....ahem, excuse me. So REAGAN can make a salad for dinner. She's decided that she will now be the designated salad maker in our house..because, as she says, she makes the BEST salads.

And speaking of growing things, Josh was outside mowing the grass the other evening and Reagan asked "Is Daddy cutting the grass with scissors?" LOL! No idea where this came from, other than she was nearly dead on her feet with exhaustion...this child says such funny things when she's tired. (Once she told me that her hiccups had stopped and she needed to go catch them!)

Homeschooling has been at a standstill this week. Every single day we've been out and about. Monday involved a program at the library (so much fun and Reagan had a blast!), Tuesday was a zoo day and then a trip to a used bookstore (which had an awesome play area), Wednesday was playgroup and then a play date with a new friend and this morning we were out early to watch a couple of Reagan's friends while their mommy went to a dental appointment...then home and then back out to a couple of garage sales (can you say YAH! I'm so happy garage sales are back in full swing!)

And what did I get you ask? (At least, I'm going to pretend you did!)

*A great smaller domed cheese serving dish that I'm going to spray paint and use as a cloche (FOR $1!!!!)
*A teddy bear for Reagan (officially the new (tiny) teddy bear is Pooh's baby) .50
*Pale pink snowsuit (perfect since I wanted one just to keep at grandma's house) $2.00
*Santa Claus 2 DVD $3.00 (I've been looking for this everywhere! We love the Santa Claus movies in our house..normally I wouldn't pay over $1 for a used DVD!)
*A cute long sleeve cotton tee for Reagan when she's older .50
*A GIANT (I'm talking over 2 feet) space exploration book .50 (and it doesn't mention the Big Bang theory..score!)
*3 great puzzles that I can use for manipulatives in school--one transportation, one for spatial concepts and one for the seven wonders of the world .50 each
*Hardcover book: Guns, Crime and Freedom by Wayne LaPierre $1.00 I think Josh and I will both enjoy this one!
*Several children's books ranging in cost from .25-.50, including the Story of Ping, which I ABSOLUTELY adored as a child

Can you tell I'm happy about my scouting?!

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