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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goals for Myself

I started thinking about all the things I really wanted to make happen in my daily life--getting up early (I've never been an early riser), exercising regularly, having a daily devotional...none of those things were getting done. And it's all because I don't really have a plan. So I decided to make a goal sheet for myself. A basic list of things that I want to get done every single day. Here's my daily goal list. What's on yours?

Get up by 6:30 am
Have devotional time for myself
Take prenatal vitamins!!
Get house straightened up before starting rest of day
Have breakfast at the table
PLAY with Reagan at least 1 hour each day
Don’t let Reagan watch more than 2 hours of tv per day (those coupons help!)
Don’t do computer time unless Reagan is having tv time
Don’t have lunch in front of the tv
During nap, spend less than 30 mins on comp.
Have dinner at the table as a family
Have a devotional as a family (5-10 minutes?!)
Keep tv off in the evenings until Reagan goes to bed
Spend one hour a night WITH Josh--not in front of comp
Spend at least 15 minutes a night pampering ME

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