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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Tree

Last weekend Reagan and I went to Kid City--a big event for..guess who? Kids! While there I saw this awesome display with a tree and I knew I had to get one for Reagan's school room. Today, I went out and purchased it (only $11!!!!) and Reagan has been obsessed with it all evening! I need to laminate the leaves and then we can do all sorts of fun manipulative learning fun with it.

Who knew a paper tree could bring such joy? Oh and here's a Reaganism for you! (As a side note, she refused to let me put any of the animals on the tree because apparently birds and squirrels will damage the poor defenseless thing!)
"Reagan, did you know that trees are home to over 400 different plants and animals? That tree is probably wondering where all his friends are. He's probably crying "Come back friends!"

Reagan--in complete exasperation--HE IS NOT, MOM. He's saying SHOOO!

Oh brother.

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