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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Simple Secret To Making Mashed Potatoes

For years after I married Josh I struggled to make mashed potatoes like my Granny does. I added seasonings, used chicken broth, milk, ranch dressing, sour cream---EVERYTHING. Reagan came along--she HATED my mashed potatoes (Josh had barely tolerated them before). And then....Granny told me her secret...which to be honest with you wasn't really a secret. I just needed to pay attention to what she was doing in the kitchen (and you know, help some too!)

The secret? Boiling the potatoes in salted water. A good bit of salt..don't worry, you'll drain most of it off..but the salt brings out the taste in the potatoes and enhances it. Seriously. After that, you just need a bit of butter, maybe a bit of milk and you have the best, creamiest mashed potatoes ever.

....And to think of all those years as a teenager I didn't pay attention. I probably would have been an award winning chef by now....

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