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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Toddler Thursday

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties (as in I forgot to pick up new batteries for the camera), I don't have cute pictures to go with this Toddler Thursday.

However, I'm providing you with a list of fun, indoor-friendly, 5-10 minute activities to do with your attention-challenged toddler!

1. Blowing bubbles
2. Pretend the floor is hot lava and jump only on colored pieces of paper that you've made a trail with
3. Have your child help you clean--Reagan loves to do this!
4. Make shakers out of beans and sealed containers to shake and make music!
5. Make a digging box! Fill a tupperware container with dry oatmeal, rice, beans, etc. Bury toys and let your child have fun digging for items!
6. Make pizza dough (or any dough that doesn't have raw eggs) and let your child hammer with a masher or other safe kitchen utensil. Later on, he or she can help you sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for "cookies"
7. Fill an old purse with toys and let your child figure out how to get them out and refill.
8. Make a fort out of chairs, pillow, blankets and use flashnights to tell stories!
9. Make a felt board using pieces of sticky felt and cut out fun shapes for your child to arrange and play with--one of Reagan's favorite activities!
10. Have fun with those leftover plastic eggs: an egg hunt, match egg colors, or hide small items under the eggs, move them around and have your toddler pick the egg that the toy is hiding under.
11. Look through a magazine and name all the animals. You can cut them out for her and she can glue them to paper.

Some fun snack ideas for your toddler:
string cheese
canned fruit (less pesticides than fresh!)in juice
whole wheat crackers
yogurt pops (just freeze containers of yogurt for 30 minutes!)
quesadillas (cheese, mashed beans and flour or corn tortillas)
jello with fruit
cottage cheese
toast with cream cheese
frozen peas (great for teething!)
cubes of baked or boiled chiken
flakes of salmon

Remember to relax, have fun and get that creative juice flowing with your toddler!

1 comment:

  1. Great ideas as usual, Leah.

    What did you end up using for the yogurt pops sticks? Or have you not made them yet?


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