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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update on Reagan

Gee, guess what? Reagan is sick again. I am beginning to feel like the world's worst mom ever. Yesterday she finished a 20-day supply of antibiotics from two weeks ago when she was sick with a respiratory infection..since then she's had the stomach flu and now has the respiratory infection again. Obviously, the antibiotics are not working and I believe she has developed a resistance to them.

On top of that, we're also doing her Ceron drops, pulmocourt and albuterol breathing treatments through her nebulizer and Rhinocourt nose drops..as well as conventional treatments like Vicks, VaporBath, humidifier and saline nasal spray.

We have yet another doctor's appointment this afternoon..luckily she isn't rattling as much in her chest..yesterday was awful..but inevitably she gets better before the doctor hears what I hear in her chest.

I think we're going to request a referral to an ENT, even though her doctor says they really do not like to get involved until the age 2--simply because allergy testing is inconclusive at this age and anything they do..such as removing adenoids, grows back.

At this point, however, I want to see them and get some other viewpoints. I do not want to put her on antibiotics again. And I was told by a nurse I know that going onto oral steriods would just depress her system more (although she is on an inhaled steriod).

We are still doing ongoing immune deficiency testing and she is due for more bloodwork in two weeks. She also has her 'well baby' (if she can ever get well) checkup next week for her 15-month appointment---she'll be well over 16 months and on her way to 17 at this point.

If she continues to get better througout the afternoon, I may wait to take her in until her checkup next week. Wish us luck and please keep Reagan in your prayers.


  1. Poor Reagan and poor mommy too! I am sorry to hear that she is sick again. We went through many of these same things with Joshua when he was Reagan's age. It was a wild goose chase for so long. He did have his adenoids out at age 1 - he has been sick so many times that they were swollen and could not shrink back down. They were blocking 80% of his nasal passages. He was sick all the time. I wish that had been answer, but it wasn't...it did help though. We tried allergy testing, but as you said...it was inconclusive b/c of age. You can try to figure it out on your own though w/ food elimination. It's not too hard when they are this young b/c they pretty much eat what you give them. We did figure out Josh's allergy this way. Email me if you want to know more! I will be praying for Reagan (and you...I know how frustrating it is). Keep us posted on her appointments! Blessings to you today!

    Leah K

  2. Poor little thing. I hope she's feeling better!


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