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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being Green

Ok..so if you're a bargainhunter like me, AND if you're a mom like me, you probably stocked up on dozens of free Johnson's & Johnson's kids soaps a couple of months ago. You know the ones....they're packaged in mesh, loofah-like, green pillowcases so that your child can actually grip it while bathing?

Here's a tip: Instead of throwing out those green mesh containers when the soap is gone...reuse them...they make AWESOME dish scrubbers! Seriously..just wash them with your whites on the hottest setting to kill germs and then scrub away! You're recycling AND not wasting money on new dish scrubbers. I'm so green, right?


Actually, I shy away from any mention of recycling or being 'green', because for the most part it seems to be a liberal buzz word. Remember the 80s? "Global Cooling" was the buzz word. Now it's "Global Warming" and "Going Green"---only going green seems to be more of a trendy fashion than actually caring about the earth we live in.

Don't get me wrong. I think there are people that seriously have tried to conserve what God gave us to use. And then I think there are those that use it to look down on others or join some hot new group. And then there are those that have taken it considerably too far.

As for me, I don't believe in the existence of Global Warming. There is way too much scientific evidence to refute those VERY few scientists that do believe in it. Right now, it's a hip new movement that many politicians are using to gain their own agenda and monetary gain. Like "Global Cooling", Global Warming will be just another discarded buzz word in twenty years.

A woman I know through the internet once said that the first part of "Conservative" is "Conserve" and that we should be good stewards of the earth that God gave us to use as our home. So that's my stance right now. I'm trying to conserve what I have, be a good steward and enjoy the life that I have here. For me, that's what being "GREEN" is really all about.

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  1. Very well said, Leah! As is usually the case, I couldn't agree more! =)


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