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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Books We Love

All three of us are avid readers. We LOVE books. In fact, when putting our house on the market, our real estate agent told us we had to do something with all of the books because there were just too many and it was making the house look cramped and small. Sigh...so now most of our books are in storage.

HOWEVER, we've been making great use out of our library and have read some awesome books lately! Here are a couple of our favorites!

Children's Books:
Baily Goes Camping
Dairy of a Wombat
In the Rain with Baby Duck
Corduroy Goes to the Fire Station
I Dreamed I was a Toucan
Little Rabbit Lost

Adult Books:
ALL of the Eden Hall books (there are four in the series)
The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson
Josh also highly recommends the murder mystery/thriller series "Prey" by John Sanford!

If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the post comments!


  1. Michael's favorites are Go Dog Go (classic!), and the How do DInosaurs... series by Jane Yolen. We just had to return How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon to the library and it was a day of many tears. I need to go find it on Amazon...

  2. Any Dr. Seuss is always a hit. And Max Lucado has some really good childrens books.
    Another favorite around our house is Oliver Finds His Way by Phyllis Root.


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