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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Such a Tender Heart...

Yesterday morning, I decided to let Reagan watch Sesame Street while I checked email and ran to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Reagan ran in, sobbing. I immediately freaked--had she hurt herself? Was someone trying to break in? Had the cat bitten her??? WHAT was going on?

Bless her heart, she tried to tell me....talking a mile a minute and sobbing the whole way. I managed to get her to tell me what was wrong during a break in the crying--"Mommy, that dog on Sesame Street--he didn't know where his home was!!!" And the sobs started again.

I have to admit I smiled a little bit..she is a lot like I am..and then I tried to calm her down and tell her that the doggie was probably already on his way home. Too bad for us Sesame Street had already moved on to another program by the time we got back to the television....I still had the task of reassuring her that the poor lost puppy really did make it back to his owner.


AND LATER THAT AFTERNOON....I had the brilliant idea of making Reagan some 'dinosaur' shaped chicken nuggets (after all, she loves dinosaurs and we had just learned all about them courtesy of Sesame Street that morning.) I made her two, and after she had me tell her which dinosaurs they were--Stegosaurus and T-Rex--I left her alone to eat while I did some cleaning. I came back to the table a few minutes later and they still weren't eaten. So I tore one in half and popped it into her mouth--where she immediately started screaming and crying.

Frantically, I felt the chicken nuggets....nope, they weren't too hot..just warm. WHAT WAS SHE SCREAMING ABOUT?? "MOMMY!!! You tore him!!!"....Ugh...and that is why we may never watch Sesame Street again.

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