"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction"-Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 8, 2010

More political snippets

I cannot say this enough...if you haven't checked out Another Black Conservative...GET OVER THERE NOW! LOVE his blog!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some "recent" (I use that term to loosely refer to the last month!) bloglines!

Cheney Calls Out Obama and Biden for Taking Credit for Iraq (It just galls me to no end how men who spent the last several years bashing the war and President Bush from the east to the west coast can now take credit for President Bush's (AND OUR GREAT MILITARY'S) accomplishments!)

Ahmadinejad a 9/11 Truther? Says, “9/11 was a big lie” I could barely copy this link without gnashing my teeth and running around the neighborhood screaming at the top of my lungs. It was bad enough that the whack-job President Tom (as GB refers to him) denied the Holocaust, but now he's denying 9-11 ever happened. From my terror-filled front row seat at Fort Bragg, I can assure you, it DID happen.

And this is why I can barely stand liberals...they vote for the people that stand back and let this man take his pot-shots at America and sit idly by while he builds up his nuclear stash with pure intentions for destroying America. To those who voted for Obama....happy now?

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