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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ack! Trying to play catch up!

This week is off to a very rocky start. Everyone in my house is crabby and I can't say I blame any of them....THIS WINTER IS NEVER GOING TO END!!! That being said, this weekend is Easter and I'm behind, as well as being crabby! The house is still a wreck, although I'm trying my best to clean everything up and reorganize the spaces for better use. I haven't gone grocery shopping and I've spent the better part of the beginning of the week covered in paint. Alas!

So, I'm going to post my menu and my tackle it for this week all together, right here!

Wednesday: Josh and Reagan-baked chicken, potatoes, veggie; Me at the office-soup!
Thursday: Mexican food--I'll whip up something from my WW book
Friday: Pasta and veggies
Saturday: Fend for yourself day!
Sunday (EASTER!): Pork loin, carrots, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts or asparagus; sweet tea, hot tea, coffee, pepsi and coke; strawberry cake and granny's lemon pie

Finish organizing, touching up paint and rearranging bedroom. Carpet clean bedroom as well.
Drop off boxes to recycling center.
Drop off items to Goodwill.
Grocery shopping.
Pick a paint color for Reagan's big girl room.


  1. hey guess what, ive been covered in paint and my house is a total mess this week too.....this is the first time since sunday that ihave even had to sit at the computer.....movers are coming on the 28th.....love ya

  2. Playing catch up...the story of my life.

    Hope you guys get some pretty weather soon so you can all get out of the end-of-winter funk!


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