"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction"-Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 3, 2008

I missed Menu Monday!

Yep, I missed it, but I guess I can still play along, if for nothing else than my own sanity. So here's my menu plan for the week:

Monday-Dinner: Baked chicken, steamed orange cauliflower and green beans! YUM!
Tuesday: Baked fish, new potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Josh and Reagan: I'll make them meatloaf (a rare treat since it's NOT WW!) and mashed potatoes; for me: Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup
Thursday: Chicken with creamy herb gravy
Friday: Easy Chicken Quesadillas with mexican-salsa salad

Lunches: soups, sandwhiches, veggies, baked potatoes
Snacks: fruit, 100 calorie snack packs, string cheese, light popcorn

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