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Friday, February 29, 2008

Show & Tell Friday and tons of other fun stuff!

[If you want to skip all of this and just get to the show and tell, it's below I promise, but for those of you who are interested....] Somehow I managed not to post every day this week as I had initially intended. In my defense however, it has been a really long and hectic week. Reagan is sick again. We're not sure if she has yet another ear infection or if she has some massive teeth coming in. We keep asking her if she's 'owee' in her ear or her mouth and she points to her mouth, but I'm not positive she understands what 'owee' means just yet. So, today will probably yield yet another doctor's office visit. I swear, that man could retire in the south of France just off what he makes from our family.

On other news, Josh and I have decided NOT to move. Yes, after all the packing and craziness that has ensued in this house for the past month, we are NOT moving. This decision was based on the fact that the market has been so s--l---o-----o-----o---w and Josh's company is really affected by that since they cater to the new home market and also, to the home improvement market. Additionally, Josh is desparately trying to finish up his MBA and we do want to adopt soon--all of which costs a ton of money. So, we're doing some home improvement projects to the house, unpacking what was packed, cleaning, sprucing up and making better use of space so that we can be here for another 3 years.

Reagan will also be getting a new 'big girl's room'! I'm really excited about this--we're moving her to the now junk, um, er I mean, guest room and we'll set up her current nursery as a nursery for a potential little brother. I think her new room is going to be green and pink, which is similiar but a little more grown up, than her current nursery of green and raspberry. Our son's room will be cowboy themed, based around Josh's cowboy blanket from his little boy days! Promise to post pics when it's all done---who knows when that will be!?

And finally, I'd like to announce that my best friend, Stacy, has moved her blog to Blogger! Visit her by clicking here at Insanity Happens! Great name, isn't it? She is the mom of 4, yes, I said 4, God bless her soul, kids, and wife to a wonderful guy named Stephen who, I'm proud to say, serves us and his country as a soldier in the US Army. They are about to move to Italy for the next several years, which means that, at some point, I too, will be visiting! Stace has been my best friend for let's see....17 years now?? Was that how long ago 6th grade was? Hold on, let me pick myself up off the floor. Gosh, I really am getting old.
Anyway, please visit her blog. You'll read all sorts of wonderful stuff about her life and dealing with her crazy, but beautiful and smart, kids! She also has some great insight into being a good Christian woman and the life that God intends us to lead. One day I'll tell you guys all about Stace and what an incredible best friend she is...she's actually more sister than best friend and she knows everything about me and still loves me! She usually backs me up on hare-brained schemes and holds my hand when life gets too tough. Stay tuned for that..I promise you'll get some great laughs!

I'm also hoping to talk her into co-hosting a Thursday meme with me! Stay tuned for that..more to come NEXT THURSDAY!!!

And now.....(drumroll please..........) Show and Tell Friday!

*Show & Tell Friday is hosted by Kelli. Visit her site to see more great show and tell items!

Below is my wire rooster--I actually collect roosters. It's a small collection but I have four and I love each one of them. The one below was a gift from my mother in law for Christmas one year (as Josh says, when we got gifts, because now they all go to Reagan! LOL! He's not serious..we still get presents!). I had actually spent the entire year looking for a wire pig because I had seen one in a decorating magazine filled with green apples and I just *had* to have one. I never found that stupid wire pig (until later I did find one at JoAnns but I was completely disenchanted at that point). However, my mother in law found my rooster at an antique's store and picked it up for me! I love the way he's rusty and made with chicken wire and he appeals to me in such a wonderful, southern way! Thanks so much for looking! (And Hootin Annie if you're out there, I do visit your blog..I can just never figure out how to post a dang comment!)


  1. I love that rooster, I have collect roosters too.

  2. Typo.. I have a collection of roosters too.

  3. LOL...well, I'm here! And I'll try and help you out. Go to my blog [of course] and scroll down to where you seen the Animated "Hootin' Anni" being typed out just by the cactus. Just below that you'll see the words "around...with the time posted -which today is 12:28AM. Then just to the right of that you'll see another number with the words "Left a Kind Word or Two"...click on those words. That's the comment link.

    Now, about your rooster collection...I LOVE this wire one. That is truly a great one. It's almost REGAL ---just like a rooster too, regal. I'd love to see others that you have.

  4. roosters.....you never seize to amaze me.....its funny though, since my kitchen is all americana, i have always wanted a rooster for it.....thanks for great stuff that you said about me....we have to stop saying "more like a sister", because you ARE my sister......love ya

  5. p.s...let me know about this blog meme thing....

  6. Do you keep your rooster in the kitchen? That is where I keep my blown glass ones! Jennifer

  7. A rooster made from chicken wire! How clever!

  8. I love roosters and that one is so cool and country. You will so miss your friend when she goes to Italy. You will be even more thankful for computers. My brother-in-law just came back from Italy this fall. He is married to an Italian and had a beautiful wedding in a little resort place in the mountains on the mediterranian---it was awesome--so romanitc. The only way into the town was on foot--it had huge old churches and such a beautiful square (I always forget what they call them!!). So I am sure you will enjoy your visit to Italy!

  9. Hello. I collect roosters too. I love your rusted, rustic rooster!

  10. I'm a bunny girl, but that rooster is so very charming!

  11. What a wonderful, rustic piece! I'm always interested in seeing what people like to collect. Thanks for sharing this, and for stopping by my place today. Your kind words were much appreciated!

  12. I am a bunny girl too!
    I like most critters
    but have a soft spot for
    furry ones!
    (I noticed your sidebar)
    A great MOL to buy you
    something you love for
    your collection!

  13. Love the rooster! I have a soft spot for roosters too. In fact, there are several in my blog entry today.

    You can pop on over to my S&T at http://anapronaday.blogspot.com

  14. My mom collects roosters too. :0) Her cell phone ring is even a rooster call, it's very cute, actually. LOL
    I love your handsome wire rooster, great show and tell!


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