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Friday, February 15, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

This is my one and only Demdaco figurine. It's entitled "New Life" and my mother in law gave this to me the day after I had Reagan. I love this so much because it really seems to capture the awe that you feel towards your new little one.

Reagan has enjoyed toting it around this morning while I was attempting to get pictures! LOL! It's just her size!

*Show & Tell Friday is hosted by Kelli. Visit her site to see more great show and tell items!


  1. I have a few of these, but not this one. It's very pretty.

  2. So pretty Leah! Sweet of your mother to mark the occasion with a forever gift. Jennifer

  3. Just........WOW!!!

    I think it's beautiful in such a simplistic way that it can NOT be improved.

    My Show N Tell is shared, if you haven't stopped by I hope you will; for a visit.

  4. A lovely momento of her birth that hopefully will be handed down for generations to come.

  5. I only have a couple of those figurines, too. So simple yet so beautifully expressive.

  6. I love those willow tree figurines too; my daughter has several because they oh so express the love!! We both have the nativity set too!!

  7. I bought several of thos efor my oldest daughter Jennifer. She loved the ones where the lady is pregnant and holding her baby. Ironically today is her youngest daughter's 2nd birthday!

  8. Yes I've seen these figurines before. It's so pretty.

    Living in a small house...I love your blog title makes me feel kind of all warm inside.

    So hugs for that.

    Sarah x

  9. Parenting changes your life
    in so many ways! What a lovely gift!

  10. i didnt know that you liked the willow creek figures......ideas instantly popping into mind of future gifts......i dont have any yet myself, but i have a huge wish list for the nativity set.....


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