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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I got started on my tackle it list early this week! I cleaned out the pantry, cleaned out the fridge, did almost all the laundry, dishes are done (thanks to some help from Josh!), kitchen is mopped and litter is changed! YAH!

However, I STILL have a long list of items that need to be completed. Today, I plan to work on Reagan's room and touch up the paint and put away some clothes that I've left scattered in the closet. Then the room gets closed off again until we're ready to put the house on the market...no little messy hands messing it up! That's what the family room is for!

Next on the list is sprucing up the laundry room. I need to finish cleaning it. Then, I need to touch up paint and repair an area in the laminate, for which I already have the extra tiles! Hopefully it'll be easy enough--I just have to convince Josh to let me use his utility knife without saying why. If I even mention I'm tackling cutting something without his help, he'll flip (he is terrified of me using knives which dates back to right after we were married and an unfortunate incident with my thumb, a knife and a pototo which led to a hospital visit, which led to an infection..you get the point!)

I am also going to continue to work on packing this week and hopefully get to use my new carpet steamer...ok, how boring does your life have to be for you to get excited about a new carpet steamer and a new mop?? Yep, that's me----I. AM. PATHETIC.

The only other items on my list are ordering a repair kit for a small hole in my closet (we put in new shelves and removed old ones and it left a nice gaping hole..luckily not too big for me to repair myself!), contacting the insurance company about a claim for Josh's laptop, mailing out some packages for friends that have had a baby or are having a baby.

I can't wait til the weather gets nicer so I can plant a few flowers, paint the fence, stage the backyard and wood putty and gel stain the doors (I've decided to nix the repair man in case you couldn't tell!)

Oh, two other things...at some point, we really need to do our taxes. Ugh. I DREAD DOING TAXES, but I hate filing extensions or rushing to get it done at the last minute! And secondly, we need to prepare a networking letter to send out to family and friends about us adopting and print up some business cards that can go out with it too.

Whew! I think that'll make for a full week!


  1. Good luck with everything - you seem very organized.

  2. Shew! I'm tired just reading your list! Good luck and I think I'd break that into multiple tackles! :-D

  3. Whew, that's a lot! Putting your house on the market is exhausting, especially with little ones around.

    And I'm dealing with the tax thing today too. Yuck.

  4. ummmm....your week sounds alot like mine, minus shutting off the rooms that have had the paint touch ups(doesnt work with keegan around)and the fact that you are selling your house and we are just moving......here's a tip for you.....if you HAVE to paint while reagan is up make sure to use lots of drop clothes.....

  5. p.s. i think artillery is going to rattle the windows right out of the frames today....dont you just miss it....love ya

  6. Wow-you've exhausted me AND made me feel guilty. Thanks. :)

  7. wow, what a list! good luck with it!


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