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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Ah, Tuesday! Today is Reagan's Valentine's Day Party and we'll be heading off to the library for storytime and then all sorts of treats..yum! Which means she'll be high on sugar just in time for her afternoon nap! Gee, that was planned well!

After that the handyman should be coming by to give me an estimate for installing new doors and a new ceiling fan and removing the bathroom mirror so we can install a new one! Yah! I'm excited about getting our house on the market and finding another one.

Josh is getting cold feet again, but he does this routinely...he is constantly analyzing and reanalyzing various scenarios...he freaks himself out :) But amazingly enough, HE was the one that made the decision to go ahead with the move.

Ok, so for Tackle It Tuesday I plan to get more boxes and pack more stuff! Sounds exciting doesn't it? I also plan to go to the store and finish getting the items I need for Valentine's Day and mail out Valentine's cards to our family. I think that should about do it for Tuesday.


  1. Good luck with your tackle! We put in bunk beds for our tackle this week :)

  2. Isn't it funny how you get your house finished just to put it on the market. We did the same a couple of years ago. Hope Reagan enjoyed the library.

  3. Hope you were able to get some packing done. I imagine it would be quite hard with a little one!

    Stop by my blog to see my first Tackle It Tuesday.

  4. i used to love library parties, and they are great for a sugar high. :-)

  5. Hope you got tons of stuff packed. Moving is such a huge job! Good luck!


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