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Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I missed an entire week of blogging. I'll have to rectify that by posting every day this week! For a start, below is my menu. (And also, if you're making WW meals, wow.....they make a TON of food!! I learned not to overcook this week!)

Monday: Breakfast: light english muffin with cheese and fruit; lunch: tuna salad on light bread with a green salad; dinner-hamburgers with blue cheese coleslaw (I never got around to making this last week due to all the leftovers!)
Tuesday: Breakfast: light english muffin with cheese and fruit; lunch: warm tortellini salad with zucchini and tomatoes; dinner: Reagan and I-out to dinner at a friend's house-I'm bringing the fruit salad, Josh will pick up something on his way to his master's class
Wednesday: breakfast: oatmeal with raisins; lunch: leftover tortellini or pork chop dish; dinner: chicken with creamy herb gravy and a veggie
Thursday: breakfast: high fiber cereal with fat free milk and fruit; leftover chicken with herb gravy; dinner: taco salad (WW recipe from last week--fantastic!!!)
Friday: breakfast: cereal and fruit; lunch: meeting at my office, lunch for reagan and i provided; dinner: easy chicken quesadillas and a mexican-salsa salad
Saturday: breakfast: english muffin with cheese and fruit; lunch: field salad with tomato, feta and olives; dinner: any leftovers and i'll put together a large salad and some whole grain rice
Sunday: breakfast: cereal and fruit; lunch: chicken salad with fresh peaches and blue cheese; dinner: lemon sage roasted chicken with sage pan sauce

Can you tell it's a chicken kind of week? :) Actually, beef is really high in points and I always want food, so I've discovered that by eating things that are lower in points I can constantly eat and still lose weight!

Snacks for the week: fresh fruit, light string cheese, celery, fat free sugar free ice cream, and of course, sharing cheerios with Reagan! We'll probably also try our hand at Oatmeal-Nectarine Scones. YUM!

*Note: menu for Reagan, if she doesn't like something, we usually give her steamed veggies with cheese and sometimes leftover chicken and that makes a very hearty meal for her!


  1. i was beginning to worry about you....was planning on calling you tomorrow....you will have to tell me how to make the chicken with the herb gravy....sounds good

  2. Yes, WW meals are fantastic. I have their cookbook and like to try things out from it.

    Your menu sounds yummy!

  3. Sounds like a delicious week at your house!

  4. Hi. Popped over to check out your menu's from orgjunkie.com

    Have a great week.


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