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Monday, February 4, 2008

Update on Reagan

Today I took Reagan to her umpteenth doctor's appointment this year (already!). She now has a sinus infection and is on Albuterol, Pulmicort, Prednisolon, some kind of nasal spray and a very agressive antibiotic that I can't recall the name of at the moment. Joy! Dr. "D" (as I'll call him) has also decided we should run allergy tests on Reagan. So, as soon as she's feeling up to snuff (exactly where that expression came from I have NO idea), she'll be having bloodwork done.

If the bloodwork turns up something, then he'll do a scratch skin allergy test when she's a few months older. The reason for waiting a few months is because allergy tests are really inconclusive at this age and the closer to two we are, the more accurate they will be.

A sidenote: Many babies that have reflux are susceptible to allergies and the same with eczema...Reagan has had both reflux and eczema. And preemies are more susceptiable to everything it appears. So please keep Reagan in your thoughts and prayers.

She's a tough cookie though...I swear, no matter how sick or how badly she's feeling, she always has the biggest grin and a ready laugh for you. I love my baby!

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  1. Poor little thing! I hope her meds work quickly and she is back up to par soon.

    BTW - I'm not currently registered anywhere for the baby. Planning to do online at Target, Babies 'R Us, and maybe Amazon. I'll let you know. Thanks for asking.


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