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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Valentine's Day

...and I feel obliged to write a post regarding said day! So far, today has been...well pretty much a normal day. Reagan and I woke up, ate breakfast, had our shower/bath, got dressed, went grocery shopping, looked at some more houses (this is the norm lately!), came home, unloaded groceries, had lunch, fought for several hours to get her to take a nap and I cleaned the kitchen and am doing some laundry.

So, all in all, pretty normal. The one exception was surprising Reagan with a highchair surrounded by balloons this morning! She went nuts over her froggy balloon (she saw it in Wal-Mart the other day and I think it reminded her of another froggy balloon I bought for her birthday!) and she had much fun playing with, i mean, chewing on, the blocks I bought her.

We were going to make cupcakes this afternoon after her nap, but it's getting pretty late and we definitely don't need MORE sweets around here! However, we are having some yummy dinner tonight, along with some heart cookies I already purchased and we're all opening up our Valentine's cards (that is, Josh and Reagan will....who knows if I'll get a card!??). Reagan gets one more surprise--a stuffed moo cow, and then we'll probably all fall into bed, exhausted!

I did actually ask Josh not to spend a bunch of money on me. In other words, I would rather we save the cash than have him spend $30-$40 on a bunch of overpriced roses that are going to die in a few days! I don't need chocolate..I got a ton of that from my office and I've never been a big jewelry person--although I do have my eye on a gorgeous blue topaz pendant (Reagan's birthstone), but that can be for another holiday that actually means something! (um, er Mother's Day, anyone??) Right now I'm just hoping for a heartfelt card and maybe a bunch of daisies or even a potted plant..maybe an iris or crocus or something very spring-y. You know, to remind me that it won't be freezing cold forever!

Well, I think that does it for my Valentine's post! Here are some pictures to enjoy!

*Oh: please ignore the piled boxes and bags in the background..boxes are for moving, bags go to Goodwill!*


  1. I'm curious... what did you end up making for dinner? On your menu monday you weren't sure. And did Josh get you anything?

    I'm glad you had a good day. And Reagan is adorable (as always)!

  2. You guys had a bigger V-day than we did around here...Matt got a card and special dessert, I got some flowers, and Little got cards in the mail from several family members. Oh well, never been a big holiday for us.

    Love the pics of Reagan; she is such a doll.

    BTW - I love the tutu...where did you find the instructions for making it?


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