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Friday, February 8, 2008

Wierd Things About Me

It seems like every blog I've visited lately has a list of weird things about that particular blogger...so I'm joining in! There are tons of weird things about me, but I'll pick some of the safest!

1. I absolutely can't stand to look at food after I finish it. Even in restaurants, I'll stack the plates away from me and cover them with a napkin!
2. I can share iced tea, coffee, water--but cannot, will not share milk, oj or coke with someone. It just grosses me out!
3. I used to check locks and plugs at least four or five times before leaving my house.
4. I have a fascination with cleaning my cat's ears..seriously. It's an obsession!
5. I get grossed out if I meet a man with longish nails...really, even if they're trimmed and clean. Hello! Men do not need long fingernails..cut those things back!!!!
6. My list of top guys of all time includes (I'm not making this up): Seth Green, Jack Black and Oliver Platt. [Honestly I cannot for the life of me remember the last one but my other guy (and the only true hottie on the list: is Val (sigh, droooooooool, sigh, drooooooooooooooooool, hubba-hubba) Kilmer.]

So those are a few weird things about me! (See also my post on lists...I'm a fanatical list maker!)

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