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Monday, January 21, 2008

I like to make lists.....

There is just something comforting and warm about making a list. To-do lists, grocery lists, lists of places I'd like to visit, lists of decorating ideas, lists of gifts to give, lists of favorite dinners.....you name it, I'll make a list for it. I even have lists of romantic ideas and how to not take advantage of my spouse...*ahem* Josh, if you're reading this, please note I will never laugh at you again for "taking time to schedule spontaneity". Um, yes, alright where was I? Oh yes, lists.

I discovered this about myself today while I was making yet another book. My books consist of lists. I have "Leah's Book of House Stuff", which is basically a list of projects and decorating ideas, lists of house plans, lists of ideas for each room, lists of lists...you get the idea. My second book is "Leah's Mommy Go-To Book" with lists of food ideas for children, playtime ideas, discipline ideas.....so forth and so on. Then there's the Christmas Book which is still under construction--lists of gifts, lists of cards to send, lists of cards received, lists of decorating items in certain containers, lists of ideas for next year....etc., etc., etc. Then there's the book of Msc. Holidays (also still under construction) with lists of recipes sorted by relevant holiday or season, lists of tablecloths, lists of centerpieces......you get the point.

I'm beginning to think the fact that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder should have been obvious a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago.

But I digress. I guess the point I'm trying to make was in the title after all. I like lists. No, I LOVE lists. They are my comfort. My sanity in a crazy world.

Try it...just sit down with a pen and paper and a nice cup of hot tea. Now, start making a list of the first thing that comes to your mind..movies, books, favorite teas even....ahhhhhhhhhhhh, see? Doesn't that feel nice? Yep, I thought it would...I'm off to make a list of my favorite lists.....

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  1. Oops...see comment on other post...forgot which one I was commenting on...argh! pregnancy brain.


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