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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Love...

Today I actually attempted to google my very first boyfriend (note: I was unsuccessful, because apparently there's quite a famous basketball player with the same name!) But, HIS name was Jeremy. And he popped into my head today out of the blue...actually that's not quite true. Yesterday I saw someone that looked like his best friend, Marcus....and, well you know how the mind works....

Now, you're probably waggling your finger, saying "Leah!" But hear me out...he was my first boyfriend ever...in kindergarten! That's right. And wow, was he a dream. Actually he kind of looks like my husband. He had dark, thick black hair, dark complexion and he was the shyest boy I knew..and when he smiled, a lock of that wavy thick black hair would fall over his eye. Sigh...he was VERY handsome :) And I remember he gave me a Pink Panther Valentines that year that said simply "I like you".

Strange how things stick with you, even after so many years. I wish I still had that Valentine's card...man, what a keepsake!

And to think, this year Reagan will be old enough to pass out her very first Valentine's Day cards to her little friends. We've already picked them out. She had a choice between Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cards and Puppies and Kittens...she went with the Puppies and Kittens. Good choice ;). She'll get to hand them out to all her little friends at the Valentine's Day Party at Storytime and I'm sure she'll save one for Ethan and one for Reese--two little boys that just love her to death!

Time flies, doesn't it?

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  1. It is just too funny that you tried to google your kindergarten boyfriend! Little isn't doing the Valentine's thing yet, but we don't have long. :-)


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