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Thursday, January 3, 2008

My poor poor furbaby!

On New Years Day, Pritsha thought it would be incredibly fun to play in the Christmas decorations while we were having dinner (less chance of her getting into trouble I suppose). Somehow she managed to get a bag stuck around her neck and then proceeded to tear through the house in a flurry of flying hair and screams because the bag was 'chasing her'. She ended up in our room, under our bed and refused to come out---bag still wound around her neck.

Of course, at this point, mommy was freaking out because I was absolutely convinced she was going to strangle herself to death. She REFUSED to come out from underneath the bed so I began tugging at her leg...eventually I pulled her out and the bag came off.

Then a whole new set of problems emerged.

Pritsha began limping and hiding in small warm places and crying. I felt the leg..not broken. But after two days of this, I began to worry it might be dislocated and today, off to the doctor Pritsha, Reagan and I went.

The diagnosis: torn ACL. Great. Our vet says the only thing we can do is surgery. Expensive surgery...and even with surgery, she is still going to develop arthritis.

So either way we go, Pritsha will be in pain eventually. But surgery will hold it off for a few more years.

I feel so guilty and so upset. My poor baby. We will probably end up doing the surgery next week. I'll update everyone when we know more.

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