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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today is a perfect day. One of those crisp, cold days that makes your lungs hurt and your eyes dazzle at the brightness. The sun is shining in it's full glory, the sky is a bright Robin's egg blue that reminds me of the skies of North Carolina, with the barest hints of white cotton candy clouds--a rare day for an Indiana winter!

And to top it all off, today Reagan did two amazing things! First of all, she signed to me that she wanted something to drink! This is particularly amazing because we don't really do signs in this house...she either tells us what she wants or motions to it. However, she can't say 'drink', so the last two months I've been pantomiming raising a glass to my lips to drink when I ask her if she would like something. I was so shocked when she did it back to me today! She is so smart!

Then, while I was reading my book (bad mommy!), she CLIMBED on top of her rocking chair and stood up. While it nearly scared me to death, I was incredibly proud of her! Gosh, I have such a 'biggie' girl.

You know, before I became a mom, I used to marvel at mothers I knew and how they would get so excited over the tiniest little accomplishments of their children. And when they said 'oh, you have never known love until you have your own child', I really didn't believe them. After all, I had been in love before, I loved my friends, my family.

But it is just so amazing (for lack of a better word!) to be a Mom. Every day your heart literally grows and you love your child more each and every single day...I didn't think that was possible. It almost feels like your heart would burst out of you. And even their smallest accomplishment means more to you than the biggest thing you've ever done. When Reagan rolled a ball to me for the first time, it was like someone had just announced she'd won the gold medal at the Olympics! I was ecstatic! And when they're sick, you're almost irrationally scared--please God, let my child be ok. Because if she isn't, then you yourself will never be ok.

I came across this quote before I ever even became pregnant with Reagan, and I think of it all the time when I look at her. "To have a child, is to have your own heart forever reside outside of your body." How true.

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