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Monday, January 7, 2008

Update on Pritsha

For those of you who asked (and thank you for being concerned about our furbaby!), Pritsha's surgery went well and we should be able to pick her up tomorrow. She'll have a bandage for about a week and stitches for about two weeks--but curiously no cast.

This was our vet's first time ever repairing an ACL on a cat, although he does them routinely on dogs....go figure that we would be the first..it never fails (*wry smile here*), so I was a little hesitant---that, and she's older now and going 'under' is always risky for an older cat, but she actually is in pretty amazing health for her age and as I said before, all went well!

The only fluke came when I took her in and they asked if she had eaten anything since the cut-off time the night before....I had to confess *shamefaced might I add* that the little devil had eaten a ribbon before we brought her in. Katey, our lovely veterinary assistant, with a puckered frown asked, "A ribbon?" "Yes, a ribbon. We have a very strange cat."

Grrrrrrr. And with that, I bid you all goodnight.

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