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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ahhhh...the joys of preparing to move...

Josh and I have decided to put our house on the market! Yah! We are just too cramped! It was a wonderful house to start out in, but we knew we couldn't stay here forever, especially once a baby was added to the mix!

So begins our journey. Right now we're freshening up paint, packing away a ton of stuff to make our house look larger (staging, folks, staging). We'll be replacing carpet in the guest room since someone (who shall remain nameless..insert embarrassed face here) spilled paint all over the carpet during one of her frenzied 'let's repaint the house moments'. The bathroom is getting new paint, a new sink, new mirror and all the doors are being upgraded to six panels. Not to mention the new fence and some cheap, um, er, inexpensive, but very cute looking landscaping--that is, once the ground is thawed enough to do anything and we un-bury ourselves out from under all the snow!

Currently we've narrowed our selection of a new house down to an older neighborhood here in town...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the neighborhood and have been pining away waiting to move to a house there. There are a couple up for sale but the prices are still a little steep..here's hoping they come down soon! We're even willing to give up a basement to get into this neighborhood..it's perfect! Tons of families, Churches and a little park right in the neighborhood and our hospital is literally 2 minutes away, not to mention a coffee shop, a cute little Italian restaurant and a Subway..here's to eating healthy! (Mmmm....marinara sauce and bread or lite turkey and veggies.....???)

At any rate, I'm very excited! So anyone who has any suggestions for selling, moving or buying in today's market, feel free to leave some suggestions!

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  1. Oh boy, selling a house is such fun (she says in a sarcastic tone of voice).

    Sounds like the work you guys are doing should help with your sell. I don't really have any tips or suggestions, but when our house was on the market last summer our realtor told us that the only houses moving in the current market were the ones in the first-time home buyers range (less than $150,000 around here). Hopefully the same is true in your area and you guys won't have too much trouble selling.


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