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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weight Watchers, my friends...Weight Watchers

So as part of my "Get Fit in 2008" strategy, I'm joining Weight Watchers and the Y as of next week..Tuesday to be exact (I already have plans for Monday in case you were prosaically wondering why I was waiting til Tuesday of all days). But that's right, I said it--Weight Watchers. I am no longer proud, folks. See my pride..yep, there it is running out of the door and I'm too out of shape to catch it!

Seriously, I'm actually really excited because I just previewed a fantastic new cookbook that WW has and it looks absolutely delicious!! Now, if only I can learn to eat one cookie and not a dozen ;) Sigh...if only I could be pregnant again! LOL..most of you are wondering where that came from...well if you recall, I was deathly sick during almost my entire pregnancy and couldn't force anything down my throat. Josh would try to entice me with all sorts of things. Once he brought home four of the massive family size buckets of mashed potatoes from KFC because I thought I might be able to eat a little of those. I took five small bites and couldn't eat any more. He brought home three packages of sweet little chocolate covered graham crackers...I ate three cookies TOTAL over the course of several weeks! The mere sight or smell or even suggestion of food would send me running to the bathroom and have me heaving there most of the night...I didn't even look pregnant til I was way past six months! That's right! Ah, to be pregnant. Bulimic bliss.......

Back to the present. I have packed away, in my closet, a cute little sundress that I used to be able to wear when I was 19. Folks, that sundress will be worn by the end of December this year. I don't care if it's -30, I'm wearing the sundress out in December....with cute little black sandals to boot. And if I even have a certain little mini skirt leftover from when I was 19, guess what? I'm wearing it too! (Probably not in public mind you---I'm not THAT daring any more! But I'm sure Josh will get a kick out of it!)

So, here I am, laying this out for all of you to see. 30 lbs by June 30th and then more to follow....the sundress...the miniskirt...it WILL happen people....(even if I have to zip it up with a pair of pliers....)

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  1. Good luck with Weight Watchers! Can't wait to hear how it goes.


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