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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One sick baby...

Just a note to keep Reagan in your thoughts and prayers...she's been sick since before Christmas and although she's been on a ton of medication, including a 20 day regimen of antibiotics, she is still not better.

She now has a nasty ear infection, a sore throat that may or may not be Strep and Bronchiolitis, which is basically bronchitis for babies. She is NOW on a steroid for the ear infection, an antibiotic for the throat and breathing treatments several times a day that include a steroid and another medication for the bronchiolitis.

If she doesn't get better with the breathing treatments, she may have to go to the hospital. So please pray for her to get better. As you know, she's one tough cookie (and is, even though sick, in very high spirits and cheerful as always!) but has had a very, very rough first year of life.

Oh and to the idiotic parent out there that brought your sick, hacking, runny nose dripping child to storytime that got my child sick......be soooo glad I don't know where you live!!!!

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  1. I hope she is feeling better soon! That's rough on anybody, but especially a tiny body that has been through all that her's has.


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