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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! She walked!!! Her inspiration: the cell phone of all things..the kid is going to be a talker..what am I saying? She already is!! I told Josh she would be 13 months before she walked..and did I call it or what? She's 13 months tomorrow! I'm so proud of her!! Video to be posted later! (You'll probably hear me screaming in the background!) I also promise an update on the sickies--Reagan and Pritsha!


Ok, so I didn't get the best video ever, so I'll try to refilm and post tomorrow! However, here is the update on Reagan. Today yielded another trip to the doctor's office after Reagan woke up like this:
I completely freaked out, thinking that she had a reaction to her medication or had Fifth's Disease (parvovirus, no not like dogs and cats get), which is one of the problems she had when she was born. Long story short, the nurse believed it to be an eczema flare up, but after speaking with my wonderful friends on Fertility Friend, I actually think it was simply a normal reaction to the medication (she's on two steroids, an antibiotic and another medication for coughing). Steroids can apparently make you very hot and cause you to get extremely red. Go figure. When I was on steroids, I just yelled at my then boyfriend and pushed my best friend into a grocery cart (thank you Stacy for not beating the crap out of me and understanding I was merely in a drug induced stupor!---oh and for the rest of you out there I do not routinely take steroids...it happened to be a treatment for headaches....don't ask, I don't know...)

At any rate, her ear infection is getting a little better and we're still working on the sore throat and broncholitis. *Sigh* This poor baby!

As for Pritsha, the little freak keeps ripping her stitches out with her teeth. Ugh...what am I going to do with that cat? Isn't this what we pay the vet for?? Perhaps I should have just given her a scalpel and let HER do the procedure too! Besides that, she completely scared me by jumping around the house yesterday, hissing at the air and sulking away. Yes, very disturbing.

Josh, the ever so practical guy that he is, figured out she was actually hissing because she was angry at herself because she kept jumping around and hurting her leg again (rolling my eyes here). HELLO..she just had surgery and she decides that she's fine and dandy enough to jump up and down off of couches and beds. Sadly, I'm afraid, although she is the prettiest cat I've ever seen, she isn't quite the brightest. Royalty doesn't have to be you know!

By the way, here is a picture of her incision:

Nice hair cut, huh?

And while I'm just a picture posting fiend today, here is another for good measure!

Don't you just love how babies sleep with their little butts in the air??


  1. Yay for Reagan walking! That last picture of her is just adorable; babies are so sweet when they are sleeping.

    Hope her infections continue to clear up and she is feeling better very soon!


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