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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary to us! (Josh and Leah)

It's our fifth anniversary!

Josh and I "met" in August of 2000. Actually, we became online chat friends! Yes, that's right, we met online. We were both in a 20s something chat room and both of us and another guy were quickly cracking everyone up. Gradually the three of us moved into our own room to chat and Josh and I started meeting online, calling each other and emailing. Soon after, we were sending cards and letters and pictures. We were JUST FRIENDS however, since we had never even met, and in August 2001, Josh decided to fly out to NC for his fall break to hang out.

I was dating another guy at the time, but that quickly ended as I fell in love with Josh! In March 2002, we became engaged and in March 2003 we were married! 5 years, 1 baby, 2 cats, a couple of moves and a few jobs later....here we are!

Here are a few photos of us through the years:

Our engagement photo!

Us dancing at our wedding!

Us with the furbabies!

Reagan's first fall fest with mommy and daddy!

This past Christmas with Reagan!


  1. WOW!!!! its hard to believe that its been five years already......love you guys

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    The picture of you guys from Christmas is adorable. Matt would never do matching pajamas!


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