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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A big girl room!

Since we are hoping to adopt sometime in the next year and a half, we've decided to transition Reagan (slowly) to a big girl room. So far we've purchased the bedding and rugs, which are just gorgeous and very girly. Next, painting the room and her daddy's old dresser, purchasing bookshelves, table and chairs and a toy box/bench. I'm really excited about this new room for Reagan. I envision it being a place she can go to play without hearing the word 'no' and where everything that she wants to play with is in reach. Here is a picture of the new bedding!

If you have any suggestions for her new room, feel free to post! I would love to hear any thoughts or recommendations!


  1. I love her bedding! Where did you find it; it would be perfect for Little's room (matches her existing wall color and everything)?

    Little has been in her big girl "bed" (mattresses on the floor) for a while now, but she is about to loose all the other furniture in her room b/c it has to move to the nursery (rocking chair and changing table). We've got to get in gear and get her room done, too.

    Great, more to do in the next 4 weeks! :-)

  2. wow that is really pretty very floral perfect for a lil girl.


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