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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Every day, something new

I've felt bad because for the last few days Reagan has been parked in front of the television, while I've been battling fevers and being sick myself...but she always amazes me by learning something new no matter what..like mimicking Eeyore saying "Helllloooooooooooo!" (she usually says HI!) or giggling at new jokes she didn't get before.

Every day when we carry on a conversation she understand a little more, says a little more. Here are some new Reagan stories (if I've posted them before, oh well, it's my blog ;) ):

When you try to tell her how to do something now she says "I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW!" or when I told her yesterday she was the smartest baby ever "I KNOW!" LOL!....she's not conceited at all, right?

or this moment (I copied from what I posted on my mom's board):
reagan was finishing eating her lunch and i was loading the dishwasher..all the sudden i hear her 'snoring' (it's a game we play where we pretend to be asleep and snore! LOL!) and i look over and she's slumped over in her booster! i said "reagan? reagan!' and she didn't look at me..i went over there and she opened her eyes, smiled and snored again.....she just went down for her nap! LOL!

or this: (also copied from my post on my mom's board):
while ago reagan and i were laying in bed and she started making these funny breathing noises...i said 'reagan, stop!' and 'what are you doing?'...she was freaking me out because earlier she was panting hard from the fever! then i realized.....she was doing the 'stinky' game with me...sniffing a couple of times and then saying POOEEY! we hadn't played in a few days and she was INITIATING it!!!!! oh my gosh! i laughed so hard! i just love that she initiated the game with me!

and this: (again, copied from my mom's board post):
ok you guys have seen the stories about reagan, but just now she was pointing at my shirt at the "e" and kept saying "z"...i said 'no, honey that's an "E"' she shook her head said "NO! ZZZZZ!!!!!" egads.


i just heard reagan yelling no at her cartoons (i let her watch them during breakfast) and i looked up to see why she was yelling no!----one of the bunnies was in the bath and i guess it was eating the bubbles! LOL! i always yell no at her to stop eating the bubbles in her own bath!

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  1. It's amazing how things change daily!!! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Don't beat yourself up too much for the sick days. They happen! And she will still be brilliant despite a few days in front of the TV. Hope you all continue healing. Blessings to you!


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