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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Guess who went peepee in the potty today!?!?!? Yep! For the first time ever, Reagan went peepee in the potty! We are so proud of her!!! Below is a copy of what I posted on my mom's board:

****josh just called me at the office and said reagan went to the bathroom in the potty for the first time!!! I AM SO PROUD!! he was going to the bathroom and she kept jumping around and grabbing the crotch of her diaper and saying 'go! go!' and he was confused and asked where do you want to go? and finally he got the idea and put her on the potty! YAH! (i bet she got 'go' because i always say go potty? go peepee?'!)*****

This is just awesome...she's been interested in the potty for a while but we haven't been interested in training her just yet! I think she's going to do it herself! LOL!


  1. going potty is a major milestone.....congrats

  2. Yay for Reagan! Little has gone on the potty twice, but asked to have diapers back the last time we tried big girl panties. Guess we're waiting a bit longer. :-)


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